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Customer Success Solutions for Public Cloud Services Companies



KPIs & Metrics

  • Account Fit Score

  • Poor-Fit Accounts by segment

  • Top factors for Poor-Fit by segment 

  • Poor-Fit Accounts vs Churn Rate correlation

  • Good-Fit Accounts vs Growth Rate correlation 

Analytics & Insights 

Digital Playbooks 

  • Fit Scoring of new opportunities in Sales pipeline 

  • Poor Fit remediation playbook by segment 

Fit Analytics (coming soon)

KPIs & Metrics

  • Account Adoption Score

  • Account with greatest +ve & -ve change in Adoption Score

  • Product Feature Usage by Power Users in Accounts 

  • Adoption trends in Accounts with upcoming Renewals 

Analytics & Insights 

Digital Playbooks 

  • Adoption Playbooks for high competitive ​landscape Accounts (multiple competitors present)


KPIs & Metrics

  • Account Value Realization Score

  • Low Value Realization Accounts (with high Adoption)

  • Top factors for Low Value Realization by segment 

  • Accounts with high Value Realization growth potential 

Analytics & Insights 

Digital Playbooks 

  • Value Realization Playbooks (solution workshops)  

Value Analytics (coming soon)

KPIs & Metrics

  • Account Churn Risk Score 

  • Churn Risks in Accounts with upcoming Renewals

  • High Churn Risk Accounts by segment 

  • Top Churn Factors by segment 

Analytics & Insights 

Digital Playbooks 

  • Renewal Playbook for high Churn risk Accounts 

  • Churn Risk remediation Playbook by Function - Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Support, Services

Churn Analytics (coming soon)
  • Upsell & Cross Sell Growth potential qualification playbook

  • Upsell Opportunity Close playbook

Digital Playbooks 

Analytics & Insights 

  • Growth Potential trends over time 

  • Upsell & Cross Sell Heat Map by Account portfolio 

  • Qualified Opportunity Pipeline (Upsell & Cross Sell) 

  • Account Upsell Potential Score 

  • Account Cross Sell Potential Score 

KPIs & Metrics

  • Translating High Advocacy Score into Revenue Growth Playbook

  • Low Relationship Score diagnostic and remediation playbook 

Digital Playbooks 

Analytics & Insights 

  • Relationship Score vs Advocacy Score correlation 

  • Growth trends in Accounts with High Advocacy Score

  • Account Relationship Score

  • Account Advocacy Score 

KPIs & Metrics

Advocacy Analytics (coming soon)
Consulting Services
  • Customer Success strategy including KPIs/Metrics, Analytics, Playbooks across Six Dimensions specific to your business 

  • Design Business process to integrate use of KPIs/Metrics in your standard business processes (e.g. Use of Fit Score in Sales process)

Insights & Analytics
  • Design and build self-service Analytics across Six Dimensions specific to your business

  • Integrate Analytics visualizations with data interpretation Playbooks enabling CSMs to create actionable Insights 

  • Option to use Tableau or PowerBI as self-service analytics platform

Digital Playbooks
  • Design and build digital Playbooks across Six dimensions specific to your business 

  • Digital Playbooks use an orchestration platform for semi-automated or fully automated execution 

  • Choice of multiple orchestration and automation platforms based on integration requirements 

Customer Success Solutions Catalog

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