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Customer Success Score™

Defines and Quantifies Customer Success 

Holistic measurement incorporating 6 dimensions of Customer Success

Helps CSM understand key factors that drive Success 

Success Insights™

Data-driven Actionable Insights for CSMs & Account Managers

Includes underlying
business factors that are responsible for the Insight

Each Insight is mapped to a Success Play providing  guidance to CSM on next steps 

Success Plays™

Cross-Functional playbooks driving Success Outcomes 

Success Plays capture Industry best practice responses for the actionable insight 

Plays are triggered by Insights and take different paths based on underlying business factors

Success AI™

AI Knowledge Base of 
Industry Expertise 

AI model is trained using Industry Best Practices

Model continuously learns through feedback loop and adapts to company's
business culture

Customer Success Technology Platform

Our vision is to achieve Customer Success KPIs & Business Outcomes using Artificial Intelligence 

We achieve this by creating industry specific success solution, building Artificial Intelligence based success offerings, leverage existing success technologies, and strategic partnerships with leading success platforms

We bring deep Industry Expertise, machine learning technology and a holistic 6-dimensional customer success methodology to build our Customer Success solutions. is headquartered at
Bellevue, WA in the greater Seattle region,
with offices at Bangalore, India is a provider of data-driven Customer Success Solutions & Services 

Six Dimensions of Customer Success


  • Successful customer journeys begin with acquisition of good-fit customers 


  • Knowing what causes Churn and remediating the cause is an effective way to reduce Churn 


  • Growth is the definitive proof of Customer Success. Up-Selling and Cross-Selling are key Growth levers 


  • Advocacy is essential to drive viral growth and is a powerful measure of customer success 


  • Adoption is a necessary criteria for Customer Success but not a sufficient condition


  • Value is benefits derived by Customer, and a key measure of positively impacting their Business Outcomes

SuccessHive™ - Customer Success Framework


Customer Success Industry Solutions

Customer Success for
Public Cloud Services companies managing End Customer Relationships

Public Cloud Services companies (IaaS/SaaS/PaaS/BPaaS) with subscription revenue models

KPI/Metrics, Success Insights and Digital Playbooks based on Six Dimensional model for
Customer Success 

Self Service Analytic tools to diagnose

Adoption challenges within Accounts, identify Growth (Upsell & Cross Sell) opportunities, analyze Churn factors, track Value creation and nurture Advocates 

Customer Success for
Corporate IT Organization managing 
Business Stakeholder Relationships 

Enable IT Organizations to manage Customer Success for internally 

deployed Apps within the Enterprise

Track Adoption & Usage for internal IT Apps and correlate with NPS Survey ratings to determine overall
customer satisfaction 

Track Business Value creation for internal IT Apps and compare with 3rd party SaaS solutions

IT budget linked to Adoption, Value Creation and Business User Satisfaction

Customer Success for
IT Services companies managing
End Customer Relationships 

Consulting, Professional Services &
IT Services companies with 

recurring revenue models 

Data driven Account Planning & Account Reviews, and AI driven automation of key Account Management processes

Allows Client Partners & Account Managers manage a larger portfolio, and enables them to provide a high-touch experience for both strategic customers and tail account with reduced effort

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